Everybody Stand By 2 – 演员请就位第二季

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“Everybody Stand By 2 – 演员请就位第二季”is a variety tv show of 50 different actors and actresses come together to get tested their acting abilities, while 4 esteemed directors will be coaching and challenging them to see who advances to the next stage! Who will survive until the end to become “The Best Actor”?

“Everybody Stand By 2 – 演员请就位第二季”是由腾讯视频出品、企鹅影视制作的角色竞演类真人秀 ,由陈凯歌、尔冬升、赵薇、郭敬明担任导师,大鹏担任发起人. 该节目由演员们直面残酷的S、A、B市场定级,他们带着外界给予他们的评价,步入模拟真实行业生态的抢角与竞演之中,通过一次次的与角色的对话,向上攀越,实现身为演员的就位

Other Name: Actor Please Take Your Place S2
Release Date: 02 Oct2020 – 05 Dec2020
Production Company: Tencent Video
Language: Chinese
Genre: Competition, Reality Show, TV Show

Stars Cast
Da Peng (大鹏) 华语影视男演员、导演、编剧、主持人、歌手
Vicki Zhao (赵薇) 中国内地影视女演员、歌手、导演、监制
Chen Kai Ge (陈凯歌) 中国电影导演
Edward Guo (郭敬明) 中国作家、上海最世文化发展有限公司董事长
Derek Yee (尔冬升) 华语影视导演、编剧、演员、监制,香港电影金像奖协会董事局主席


Chinese Episodes:

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