Kids’ Lives Matter – 星空下的仁医

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This drama “Kids’ Lives Matter – 星空下的仁医” telling the story about twenty years ago, two pediatric interns had a falling out due to a surgical operation. As time passed, Kuang Cong Xin has become a pediatric surgeon at the highly prestigious Annie Hospital while Xu Gan Feng who believes in protecting life above all else works at a second-rate hospital. They meet again because of a liver transplant.

Cong Xin schemes to get Gan Feng to join him at Annie Hospital. He also finds his former colleague, cardiothoracic surgeon Zhang Yi Xin. Mai Hai Qi who heads the surgery department aims to create the perfect team to pave the way for the construction of Hong Kong’s first pediatric center. Helping young patients face life and death situations time and again enables Cong Xin and Gan Feng to overcome the bad blood between them. At this time, specialist Wen Bo Xi and intern Lian Zhuo Ying discover that a major medical error was committed during the operation twenty years ago. Everyone decides to uncover the truth.

这是一个讲述二十年前一宗手术,令两名儿科专科实习医生况丛昕(马国明饰)与许甘枫(郑嘉颖饰)决裂。 时日过去,丛昕当上顶尖医院“安妮医院”的小儿外科顾问医生,而一心捍卫生命的甘枫却于一间二线医院落脚,两人本来各走各路,岂料因一宗肝移植手术而再次碰头,命运亦从此连上。   丛昕施计逼令甘枫加入安妮医院,再找上昔日战友心胸肺外科医生章以芯(锺嘉欣饰)、外科主管麦海琪(周家怡饰)打造出一支完美团队,目的只为拼凑心中蓝图,为兴建香港第一所“儿科中心”铺路。 经历一个个病童的生死故事,令原本势成水火的丛昕与甘枫逐渐解开心结。   此时,专科医生文柏熙(罗子溢饰)与专科实习医生连卓盈(张宝儿饰)竟发现二十年前的手术竟牵涉一个重大医疗失误,而当中的主刀就是安妮医院附属的东亚大学医学院院长锺怀霜(龚慈恩饰),众人决定将真相揭开……

Other Names: Er Ke Yi Sheng / Yan Fo Yi Saang / 儿科医生 / 星空下的仁醫
Release Date: 18 Oct2021 – 19 Nov2021
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Life, Romance, Medical, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 25 Episodes
Director: Ben Fong (方浤酌)

Stars Cast
Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖) 许甘枫 (小儿外科副顾问医生)
Kenneth Ma (马国明) 况丛昕 (小儿外科顾问医生)
Linda Chung (锺嘉欣) 章以芯 (心胸肺外科副顾问医生)
Him Law (罗子溢) 文柏熙 (小儿外科专科医生)
Catherine Chau (周家怡) 麦海琪 (外科医生/外科主管)

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