Luoyang – 风起洛阳

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“Luoyang – 风起洛阳” is about story of Gao Bing Zhu, a notorious deputy marshal at the bottom rung of society becomes a suspect after getting caught in a case. While trying to prove his innocence, he meets Baili Hong Yi, a young man trying to find out the truth about his father’s death. The two work together, starting to investigate.

Due to a mission, Si Yue, a woman from a noble family approaches Gao Bing Zhu, who not only excels in martial arts but also has the cunning needed to survive. In order to find information related to the case, the two people from completely different classes who bear a mutual dislike for each other find themselves tied together. As they continue to dig into the truth, they uncover a shocking conspiracy that is capable of destroying the godly city and drenching Luoyang in blood.

该剧改编自马伯庸小说《洛阳》,讲述了武周时期一群出身不同阶层的人为调查洛阳悬案而发生的一系列故事。   迹于洛阳底层的不良副帅高秉烛(黄轩 饰)阴差阳错卷入案件,成为嫌疑人,在想方设法自证清白时,与为查清父亲被毒杀真相的百里弘毅(王一博 饰)相遇,二人合作并展开调查。世家出身的内卫思月(宋茜 饰)为任务调查并接近武艺超群、颇有市井智慧的高秉烛,想要寻取与案件有关的告密信,完全不同阶级的两个人互相看不顺眼,却不得不捆绑在一起。随着他们对案件的不断深入,找寻真相,进而发现了一个足以毁灭神都、血染洛水的惊天阴谋。

Other Names: Wind from Luoyang / Feng Qi Luo Yang / 洛阳
Release Date: 01 Dec2021 – 30 Dec2021
Genre: Historical, Mystery, TV Series, Chinese Drama
Running Time: 39 Episodes
Director: Xie Ze (谢泽)

Stars Cast
Huang Xuan (黄轩) 高秉烛 (混迹于洛阳底层的不良副帅高炳烛,阴差阳错成为了案件的嫌疑人,在调查自己的清白的时候与百里弘毅、武思月等人相识)
Wang Yi Bo (王一博) 百里弘毅 (为了查清父亲被毒杀的真相,百里弘毅与高炳烛共同参与调查真相)
Victoria Song (宋茜) 武思月 (出身名门却将贵族身份隐去,竭力想靠自己证明价值。身为朝廷内卫,不因女子身份而有半分懈怠,巾帼不让须眉,恪尽职守全力以赴,立誓拯救洛阳。与李北七是青梅竹马,后来却爱上了高秉烛,但与高秉烛的爱情是一段虐恋)
Song Yi (宋轶) 柳然 (百里弘毅的妻子,她与百里弘毅先结婚,然后在相处中产生了感情)

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