The Legend of Xiao Chu – 燕云台

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“The Legend of Xiao Chu – 燕云台” is about story set in late 10th century, the Liao dynasty is at the zenith of its power. The omnipotent Liao rule much of what is now Northeast China, Mongolia, Russia, and much of the Korean Peninsula. Prime Minister Xiao Si Wen and Princess Yan have three daughters, with the youngest, Xiao Chao, their favourite. Her heart belongs to the aspiring military commander, Han De Rang, whose family have served the Liao loyally for decades. However, her parents have other plans, sucessfully arranging her marriage to Liao Emperor, Jin Zhong, whom she eventually concedes to marry. As the Emperor’s queen, she becomes a fierce defender of the Liao by assisting in mobilizing the army, heading a 10,000-strong cavalry and providing support to the civil administration. Eventually, she will earn the title of Empress.

Meanwhile, Han De Rang has continued his own rise through the ranks of both the military and government, becoming a powerful general and minister. Xiao Chao will stop at nothing to help the realm, but can she manage to contain her feelings for Han De Rang? In turn, can he control his heart, which still beats for his childhood sweetheart, the now Empress?

萧燕燕(唐嫣 饰)是宰相萧思温(刘奕君 饰)与燕国长公主的第三女。她作为家中最小的孩子,不仅深得父亲喜欢,也深受大姐萧胡辇(佘诗曼 饰)、二姐乌骨里(卢杉 饰)的宠爱和照顾,万千宠爱于一身的萧燕燕也从小养成了敢想、敢说、敢做的性格,对于追求的事物充满执着,不轻言放弃。她与韩德让(窦骁 饰)两情相悦,早定终身。但世事难料,萧家三姐妹分别嫁给了太祖系三支,大姐萧胡辇嫁给太平王罨撒葛(谭凯 饰),二姐乌骨里嫁给耶律喜隐(季晨 饰),而萧燕燕因与辽景宗耶律贤(经超 饰)的一次邂逅,从此开启传奇的一生。

Other Names: Yan Yun Tai
Release Date: 03 Nov2020 – 22 Nov2020
Language: Chinese
Genre: Historical, Romance, Political, TV Series, Chinese Drama
Running Time: 48 Episodes
Director: Jeffrey Chiang (蒋家骏)

Stars Cast
Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) 萧燕燕 (宰相萧思温与燕国长公主的第三女, 天性聪明好胜,作为幼女又深得父母宠爱,对所有的事情都执着热情,不轻易放弃)
Shawn Dou (窦骁) 韩德让 (辽国汉族大臣,是英勇聪明的摄政王,和萧燕燕自小青梅竹马,并且一直爱着对方)
Charmaine Sheh (佘诗曼) 萧胡辇 (宰相萧思温的与吕不古的长女,乌骨里及萧燕燕的大姐,辽国女战士,擅于督察军事、开拓领土、指挥三军统兵作战,为辽国立下不少功劳)
Jing Chao (经超) 耶律贤 (辽国第五位皇帝辽景宗,萧燕燕的丈夫,深爱着萧燕燕,知道萧燕燕与韩德让青梅竹马的恋人,还是用权力把萧燕燕从韩德让身边抢过来)
Kevin Tan (谭凯) 罨撒葛 (辽国第三位皇帝辽太宗的次子,耶律璟同父同母的弟弟,耶律贤的堂叔,萧胡辇的丈夫)
Liu Yi Jun (刘奕君) 萧思温 (乌骨里与萧燕燕的父亲,辽世宗时期辽朝北府宰相及驸马)

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