The Rescue – 紧急救援

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“The Rescue – 紧急救援” is about the team’s ace captain Gao Qianhe works together with his good friend Zhao Cheng and other rescuers to complete the mission of saving lives in the face of a major catastrophe.

An overturned drilling platform, a fuel truck swept downstream and a fully loaded passenger plane that has crashed into the sea requires immediate assistance. The team led by Gao Qian, pilot Fang Yuling and Zhao Cheng are always the first to respond to every emergency. Amidst raging fire and water, they repeatedly put their lives on the line to fight against natural and man-made disasters.

倾覆沉没的钻井平台,顺流直冲的运油车头,直坠入海的满载客机。交通海上应急反应特勤队队长高谦(彭于晏 饰)、机长方宇凌(辛芷蕾 饰)和绞车手赵呈(王彦霖 饰)一次次带领队伍第一时间抵达,站在水火咆哮的最前面,守在危急撤离的最后面,用生命对抗天灾人祸。但在自然面前,特勤员毕竟没有超能力,血肉之躯踩在死亡边缘,真实的恐惧无数次让这些斗士颤抖、无助和气馁。而海上救援的字典里没有“退缩”。当你听见旋翼的轰鸣、洪亮的汽笛、马达的飞驰,那是他们无惧艰难险阻,舍己为人,谱写的一曲英雄之歌。

Other Name: Emergency Rescue / Jin Ji Jiu Yuan / Rescue / Dante Lam’s The Rescue
Release Date: 18 Dec2020
Language: Cantonese, Chinese
Genre: Action
Running Time: 2hr 19 minutes
Director: Dante Lam(林超贤)

Stars / Cast:

Stars Cast
Eddie Peng (彭于晏) 高谦 (海上应急反应特勤队队长,他也是一个失去妻子的丈夫,一个独自抚养孩子的父亲)
Ian Wang (王彦霖) 赵呈 (交通海上应急反应特勤队绞车手,高谦的好兄弟,同时也是文珊的男友,被女友昵称为“大呈子”)
Xin Zhi Lei (辛芷蕾) 方宇凌 (交通海上应急反应特勤队机长,为了操纵好直升机,她已经经历了成千上百次的像操纵飞机圈内取钥匙的精度训练)
Lyric Lan (蓝盈莹) 文珊 (一个咖啡店的老板娘,很擅长做苦咖啡,她也是一个默默等待男朋友回家的救捞队员家属,赵呈的女朋友,被男友昵称为“小蚊子”


Chinese Version:

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